Useful resources about Kendo

Here are a few useful destinations and other online resources that can help you expand your knowledge of Kendo. If you're interested in taking up this martial art, the best way is to find you local Kendo dojo and see in person what it means to be a Kendoka. If you wish to contact us (link exchange or any other reason), please send an email to i.milaric (at) gmail (dot) com.

Wikipedia article on Kendo
International Kendo federation
Kendo World
All United States Kendo Federation
Ivan's Kendo Blog
Kendo information from Geoff
ATA Martial Arts Oswego | Karate
Ikigai Way | Martial Arts Blog
Japanese Martial Arts Center
Traditional Asian Martial Arts
Miami Valley Kendo Club
Michigan State University Kendo club
Kendo Rosario
Toronto Kendo Club
University of Chicago Kendo Club
Waikato Kendo Club
Victorian Kendo Renmei
Dae Han Moo Do Kwan Kumdo Club

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Videos about Kendo
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